European Rich List Database [erldb]

The European Rich List Database provides information on the richest individuals in Europe. The dataset comprises more than 13,300 observations from 23 countries and is mainly based on journalistic data collections.

Rich lists provide important information for estimating the missing top in wealth distributions based on survey data. These lists are commonly used as auxiliary information in statistical estimations to obtain a more realistic assessment of wealth distribution. The data may only be used for research purposes.


The European Rich List Database is available for research at:

Disslbacher, F., Ertl, M., List, E., Mokre, P., Schnetzer, M. (2022): European Rich List Database (ERLDB)
Mendeley Data, V1, DOI: 10.17632/zpsr99hn35.1

Data source:

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Franziska Disslbacher
Vienna University of Economics and Business

Michael Ertl
Chamber of Labor Vienna

Emanuel List
Vienna University of Economics and Business | Macroeconomic Policy Institute

Patrick Mokre
New School for Social Research | Chamber of Labor Vienna

Matthias Schnetzer
Chamber of Labor Vienna


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